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 [READ] Forum Rules

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PostSubject: [READ] Forum Rules   Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:22 pm

- No double posting - There's a reason for an edit button.
- Don't post for the sake of posting - If someone has submitted a problem which is waiting a GM/Dev/Admin response, please just wait for them to respond. There is no reason to just repeat what someone else has said for the sake of +1 post count. If a mod feels a post doesn't contribute to the topic of the thread in a constructive manner, we have the right to delete and punish the poster if necessary.
- No flaming other members - If you really have to insult someone, take it to PMs. Backhanded remarks about other players are also seen as flaming and punishments will be handed out.
- Proof or don't waste our time - If you know someone has hacked/scammed/glitched, you make a thread with the details in under Ban Requests ALONG WITH EVIDENCE (screenie/fraps or such). You do not bring it up in a thread in another section.
- No racism/homophobia/sexism etc. - If it's discriminatory, it'll be deleted and punished
- No posting explicit images - By that I mean pornographic images (hardcore), extreme violence plus anything that could be deemed as discriminatory.
- Stay on topic - If you wish to discuss something with someone and it's irrelevant to the thread topic, please PM them or make a fresh thread to discuss it in.
- No advertising or talking about other pservers - Not needed. You want to talk about em, do it in PM/MSN. We also do not condone advertising of other services without the permission of the admin.
- Read subsection rules - Some subforums have extra guidelines for posting. Please make sure you check the stickies in each subforum before posting.
- No inappropriate signatures - If it takes up half the page, shrink it or put behind a spoiler tag before we do it for you. If it's against any of the above rules, change it.
- No posts less than one sentence long - Typing "lol" etc is classed as spam. A constructive reply to a thread would be at least one sentence. Anything less than that outside of the spam section will be counted as spam and removed. Repeated shortposting will lead to punishments. This also counts posts that are pure smilies.
- Don't reply to spambots threads - This is technically counted as spamming in itself and will be punished. Just report the thread and a moderator will deal with it asap if they're not on at the time.
- Swearing abuse isn't tolerated here - Yeah, we all let out the odd one every now and then, but if you're deliberately swearing at someone or trolling, you WILL be punished.
- No multi accounts - If you make multiple forum accounts, you WILL have the side accounts permabanned. Only cowards hide behind aliases. If you make another account to evade a ban, you will have your ban extended as well as your alias permabanned. If you continue to make multiple accounts, there is a chance you will be banned from the RPM network, at Shadow's discretion.
- No obscenity in your forum name - If you used a mild swear word, you will be PMed and allowed to choose another forum name. For more severe words, you will be permabanned.
- Please do not post in entirely uppercase or obscenely large fonts - These do not make you look smart or cause more people to pay attention to what you're saying. They just make you look stupid. Spam section is the exception to this rule, as are ironic posts.
- BUMPing is not allowed - The Freemarket allows one bump per topic per 24 hours. Everywhere else you will be infracted.
- Don't repost your thread more than once - People may not reply right away so please be patient and wait for a response. If you accidentally make two threads due to lag, please report one with the reason and we will delete/merge it asap.
- Please do not beg other users for items/accounts/training - It's a form of harassment and doesn't really look nice.
- This forum is in English - We'd like to keep it accessible to everyone by having all posts in English or a reasonable translation from your own language into English. If you have a desire to talk to someone in another language, please do so via PM.
- No posting "illegal" programs - This includes but isn't limited to: warez, trainers, bots, hacks, torrents, cracks and cracked programs. Also includes asking for such things.
- Account Selling is against the rules - Not just ingame, but on the forums too. Please do not post threads asking people to trade accounts or if someone will buy/sell.
- Quoting Inappropriate Posts - Please do not quote inappropriate posts, as you can be warned, and maybe punished, for it, too! Please, as tempting as quoting them is, just report the message! Don't reply to it either, because your post will just be deleted for spam. If we notice replying to inappropriate messages is a problem with you, you will be warned/punished.

All that said, have fun posting and enjoy socialising.

~ Regards, Spark.
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[READ] Forum Rules
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