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 [GUIDE] How to Zakum. The right way .

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] How to Zakum. The right way .   Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:58 pm

Requirements :
Level 50+
Atleast 3000+ HP.
A pair of eyes.

Section 1. Zakum quest.

Well firstly, I don't really know how to explain on how to do the zakum quest as it's complicated, so I'm going to give you guys a guide on how to zakum properly. If you have problems, feel free to contact me anytime.

Section 2. Attackers and Healers.

This is the most important part of the thread, Attackers and Healers. They are the most imporatnt people in the party and MOST needed, Key of an attacker = Making it easier to kill Zakum. Key of an healer = Save the time of pressing an button to use a pot, also important for res .

This is how a usual zak-ing party will look like

2 Bishop(For healing and res) Level ranging = 140~160
2 Night Lords Level ranging = 150~170
1 Bowmaster ( For Sharp Eye) Level ranging = 140~180
1 Dark Knight (For HB and attacking purposes) Level ranging = 140~190

It's not recommended that you get 2 Bishops, you can change it to 3 NL and 1 Bishop, but for me, I'll stick with the way I want it.

To make it easier, all attackers including Bowmaster, Dark Knight and NightLords HAS to have Onyx Apples, it's recommended as it'll make you kill zakum in a few minutes ranging from 20~30mins, my shortest time for zakum is 33mins with Onyx apple and 1 hour 25mins without Onyx Apples, Onyx Apples are obtainable by Boss Party Quest, it's easy for high levels, you only need 5m points for the Onyx Apples.

Section 3. Leeching of exp.

Although it's not recommended, some people sell leech for Zakum, and for that, firstly, don't be an loser and listen to the seller, not listening or obeying will result you in a bad bad situation, so always, follow rules , during most leeches , you're not allowed to take any drops dropped by Zakum, so straight away when Zakum dies, don't be a dick and start running to the drops, you'll get KS-ed for that and your reputation will go down for doing so, so don't take the drops.

Section 4. Detailed Zakum.

Zakum's body is an ass.But not as such as horntail, so stop whining, well now, I'm going to show you Zakum's arms and bodies detailed HP and stuff.

Zakum Arm 1 : Level : 140 HP: 33,000,000 Exp: 1,344,000
Zakum Arm 2 : Level : 140 HP: 33,000,000 Exp: 1,344,000
Zakum Arm 3 : Level : 140 HP: 22,000,000 Exp: 896,000
Zakum Arm 4 : Level: 140 HP: 22,000,000 Exp: 896,00
Zakum Arm 5 : Level: 140 HP: 27,500,000 Exp: 1,120,000
Zakum Arm 6 : Level: 140 HP: 30,000,000 Exp: 1,120,000
Zakum Arm 7 : Level: 140 HP: 25,300,000 Exp: 1,030,400
Zakum Arm 8 : Level: 140 HP: 25,300,000 Exp: 1,030,400

Zakum Body 1 : Level: 140 HP: 66,000,000 Exp: 0
Zakum Body 2 : Level: 140 HP: 88,000,000 Exp: 0
Zakum Body 3 : Level: 140 HP: 110,000,000 Exp: 7,000,000

Section 5. Looting

This is a major problem everyone has in a party, looters, looters are people who don't obey the rules and loot drops that their not supposed to, it's stupid and dumb, before you Zakum, turn off your pet loot and your set to go, you can keep your pet's Auto HP and Auto MP but just turn off your loot.

Section 6. Thanks

Thanks for reading and enjoy mapling.

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[GUIDE] How to Zakum. The right way .
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