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 [Quest] The Masked Man and The Golden Key.

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PostSubject: [Quest] The Masked Man and The Golden Key.   Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:01 pm

There is a Masked Gentleman who resides in Ellinia. If you find a Golden Key, talk to him to initiate a crazy chain of events.

Important Information:
- The Golden Key can be found from ANY monster.
- The chances of finding a Golden Key are very slim (approx. 0.003%)
- If you die while fighting the enemies in the 2nd part of the quest, you must find another Golden Key. In other words, you may NOT die after bringing him the Golden Key.

If you find him a Golden Key, you will be warped to a dimension while talking to him. In this dimension, you will fight 5 Assassins/Ninjas with extraordinary HP. From each of these Assassins/Ninjas, you will gain lots of mesos and around 10 Black Charms, totaling to about 50 Charms (since there are 5 Assassins/Ninjas). The Masked Gentleman will then warp you out and give you 1 Maple Leaf as a reward for helping him. There is a storyline to this quest, but you have to read the Masked Gentleman's text to know it.

Make sure you discard any extra Black Charms after and before the quest!
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[Quest] The Masked Man and The Golden Key.
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