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Rates are: 65x/50x/3x. Enjoy Mapling.
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 Greetings MapleCrucial Players!

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PostSubject: Greetings MapleCrucial Players!   Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:09 am

Hey there i'm new to the forums & PS in the process of downloading V75 and start finding my way around the ps asap

Some background info on me...

My name is Alex & i'm 18 yrs old (Legal<3), living in London (freezing my ass off atm</3) and currently studying I.T at college hehe.
A few years ago (4 to be exact) my friend introduced me to GMS, I don't regret playing because it allowed me to meet some awesome people from around the world who of some i've been good friends with to this day and it's been an intresting journy in MS it has brought me some emotional times (srsly? srs) and happy moments which i have enjoyed i've had various breakes & quit Ms a few times and so on when i heard about PS's i never took an intrest because it took my friends away and then they eventually got bored of Ms & quit.

I recently took a break from ms and decided i'd join up to a PS for some fun & hopefully meet some peeps who i can interact with and that of which brings me here hehe.

So just want to say hi & look forward to meeting you guys.

Oh & i noticed on the Registration page i can't create an account :S
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Greetings MapleCrucial Players!
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